UPDATE: Hemochromatosis Funding Cut!

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Congress has deferred decisions on fiscal year 2011 appropriations until the 112th Congress convenes in January.  In the interim, Congress passed an extension of the current continuing resolution to fund federal government operations through March 4, 2011.

We anticipate that a top priority of the incoming 112th Congress will be to reduce significantly federal spending.

We still need your help to ensure that funding related to hemochromatosis doesn’t fall victim to budget cuts.  The areas of the federal budget that typically support hemochromatosis are programs within the Department of Health and Human Services.  This would include programs for grants and research within the Centers for Disease Control as well as the National Institute of Health.  You can help by contacting your Representative in Congress and asking them to help!

Action steps:

1. Look up the name and address of your Senator www.senate.gov or Representative (House) www.house.gov
2. Create a brief cover letter stating that you have this disease and that funding must be restored because (add your reason; generally a personal experience can send a great message). Here is some sample language Sample
3. Print out a flyer for your state that illustrates the number of people in your state with hemochromatosis. (The Iron Disorders Institute has posted PDFs of every state in the US. Find your state flyer at www.irondisorders.org/your-state
4. Mail or fax your cover letter along with the state flyer to the attention of your Senator or House Representative to all offices (DC and local)



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