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Well we have our new website up and running.  We thought this would be an excellent time to let you know about our new direction here at HIS.  We have spent the last couple of years building a large support group on Facebook. Through the Causes Application, we have recruited over 700 members and raised new money!  Our goal is to continue to direct people to our Facebook members for support and information.  HIS has also spent the last couple of years building relationships with other organizations with similar purposes.  We want to continue to work closely with organizations like the Iron Disorders Institute to increase the amount of information that is available to our members.  Lastly, we want to focus a considerable amount of time on advocacy at the local, state, and national level.  Over the past year we have worked hard to keep Federal funding for programs and departments that provide services and support for people with hemochromatosis.  This is an ongoing project where will we continue to focus time and effort.

Of course, we continue to need your support in order to achieve all of our goals.  I encourage you to become an active participant in our Facebook Cause.  We really need everyone to help each other out in providing answers and support.  Please post your stories on our Facebook page and let us know how you are doing.

Thank you for your continued support!!!!

Jason Edwards

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