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We are currently working on a national patient survey that will focus on access to care and cost of treatment. We plan to develop the survey within the next six months with help from a PhD program at the University of Texas at Dallas. If you are interested in participating please do the following:

1. Register in our national patient database at That way we can get the survey to you once it is ready to go out.

2. Please comment on this post and let us know if you would prefer to receive the survey in paper format or electronically. This is an informal poll on which method will be preferred. We may do one or both depending on the number of responses.

Also, we are working hard to keep the development cost of the survey as low as possible. However, there will be some monetary costs associated with the development and distribution of the survey. If you would like to make a donation to the organization you can do so on our Donate page. As always we appreciate your support!!!!


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