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Letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives

A letter to the Speaker urging him to work towards undoing the ongoing damage being caused to Public Health by the across the board spending cuts recently enacted under sequestration. Sequester  

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BioIron 2013

International BioIron Society The BioIron conference is the main international forum for comprehensive presentation and discussion of cutting-edge advances in iron biology, iron-related diseases (iron overload disorders, iron-restrictive anemias, and others), and diagnostics and therapies related to these diseases. University College London (UCL), April 14 – 18, 2013. More information available in the Registration Brochure.

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Drastic budget cuts put public’s health at risk

A statement from Georges Benjamin, MD, executive director of the American Public Health Association. APHA_ Drastic budget cuts put public’s health at risk, says APHA  

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